ECA Chairman denies rumours

27/05/2015 - 09:15AM


Edward Ray, chairman of the ECA has once again denies rumours of ulterior practices in Earth Cargo Airlines with a statement released on the company’s website. 'Following recent rumours circulated in the press, we strongly deny that ECA has any connection to illicit intergalactic travel.'


But his comment leads us to ponder, why do these rumours exist? Leaked records have indicated that illegal flight paths were indeed charted amongst ECA freight ships as rumours have suggested. Many of these paths would have crossed over the proposed route of Progress M-27M, the Russian spacecraft that fell to earth in the first week of May, following a supposed technical malfunction. Unsurprisingly, Roscomos have not released any statements regarding ECA.


But why would ECA chart commercial freight routes across the route of a scientific craft carrying supplies to a space station?



Unnamed tech company in meetings with ECA

27/05/2015 - 09:15AM


One of the worlds largest tech companies is said to be employing a number of futurologists in their 'neXt division'. The latest rumour circulating is that they are investigating both space travel and the mining of minerals and precious metals, essential for modern technology.


In an unusual move, the multinational have also been reportedly meeting with freight company ECA over use of their infrastructure and knowledge of aeronautics. Could this be to do with either of these new ventures? Or a combination, as our sources have suggested, including the mining of astral bodies including the Moon?


Some have gone further to imply that this is the first stage in a plan to make the moon habitable as a permanent 'space-hub'. Given the increase in commercial investment in space travel and the companies interest in 'making the future now', this may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

Amateur Astronomers Spot Freight Company Logo on Unidentified Spacecraft

27/05/2015 - 09:15AM


Truro, Cornwall. Astronomers club Astronomers Anonymous have blogged about some unusual findings by one of their members. Yet unlike their usual discoveries, this one may have more terrestrial origins.


Jamie Cartwright, 52, saw what he thought was an astral body blazing across the sky on the evening of April 28th. "There had been some unusual activity in the night sky over the preceding weeks, but this evening I wasn't hoping to see much. I just find stargazing relaxing, I can spend hours doing it" said the Accounts Manager from nearby Frogpool. "About two hours in, I noticed an object in my peripheral vision. It was moving very fast, I nearly lost it at first. It wasn't actually in space, though it actually looked as though it was climbing and heading out of the Earth's atmosphere. Anyway, it was close enough that I could get a good look at it. It was a shuttle, which I thought was very surprising as you would think someone in the group would know about it. We keep a very close eye on that sort of thing. When I looked close, I could see what looked like a company logo. The letters ECM. I wrote them down and searched the internet and found a company with the same name. Sure enough, it was the same logo!"


If Cartwright’s claims are found to be correct, ECM, the intergalactic freight company, may indeed be using prohibited routes through the galaxy. ECM repeatedly been accused of covert operations connected to illegal space travel have released a statement via the company website to deny the rumours.

SECOND mystery space plane spotted, denied by NASA

27/05/2015 - 09:15AM


A possible Twin of X-37B, NASA's mysterious Space Plane has apparently been spotted landing in London, although the exact destination remains unclear. The plane appeared to be similar-if-not-identical to NASA's reusable space-plane, X-37B, which recently returned from a 674 day orbit of the planet. Though NASA have been cagey, they have categorically denied any connection with a possible plane, or even that another similar vehicle could exist. The only suitable landing area local to the last place the plane was spotted is property owned by ECM, an intergalactic freight company. When we approached the company for a statement, we were told that the plane in question is a standard large volume commercial freighter on a standard test-run.


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